Dominique Simpson (Combo Guard)


Last Updated on: Jun 18, 2013


Girls Basketball

Ht: 5-8


Pts PG:



Orlando Jones


Orlando, FL

FP Rank:

Committed to: West Virginia, on 2013-06-08

Interested Schools

» Brown (high)

» Dartmouth (high)

» Duke (medium)

» Florida State (high)

» Harvard (high)

» Louisville (high)

» Maryland (high)

» Miami (high)

» North Carolina (medium)

» Ohio State (high)

» Oregon (high)

» South Carolina (high)

» Southern California (high)

» Stanford (medium)

» Tennessee (high)

» UCLA (high)

» University of South Florida (high)

» Washington (high)

» West Virginia (high)

» Yale (high)

Offered Schools

» University of South Florida

» West Virginia

Jones High School, Travel Team FGB...Dominique in Action




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Currently no info.

FP Top Rankings Simpson Is In

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Jones High 2014 Combo Guard Dominique Simpson chooses West Virgina


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